Nitzanim LaTalmid Rama Gimmel – Maasseh Tov Kemo BaSratim

Nitzanim for the student – A good action like in the movie




Short story for the k-2 Grade.
For children that alreay started to learn how to read in Hebrew.

Processing: Mira Awen, Esther Broner

Illustration: Noam Nadav

Published by: Cet-Matach

pp.15 / Book/soft cover

ניצנים לתלמיד רמה ג – מעשה טוב כמו בסרטים

Nitzanim La’Talmid Rama Gimmel – Ma’Aseh Tov Kemo Ba’Sratim

Nizanim Latalmid Rama Gimmel – Maase Tov Kmo Basratim

Nizanim La’Talmid Rama Gimmel – Ma’Ase Tov Kemo Ba’Sratim


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