Friend across the Sea-English Version

חברים מעבר לים


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Friend across the Sea

חברים מעבר לים

Today, there are an estimated 14.5 million Jews in the world. About 6.3 million live in Israel, with the others scattered around the world. Where are the largest Jewish centers today? In what ways is Jewish life similar for Jews all over the world? In what ways is it different? What are the elements of Jewish experience common to all Jews? How do Jews around the world relate to Jews in different countries, and how do they relate to Israel?

In “Friends across the Sea” we will explore these questions, among others, in the hope that by studying contemporary Jewish life, we will not only learn about our “friends across the sea”, but we will also strengthen our mutual relationship and thus better understand our own Jewish identities.


חברים מעבר לים – גרסה אנגלית


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